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    Belles-lettres -Short stories by aka. Agnes/ Squirrel28xo Empty Belles-lettres -Short stories by aka. Agnes/ Squirrel28xo

    Post  aka.agnes on Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:43 pm

    I have no idea where to put these. They are not prev yet but it is likely that some appear soon. I write such stories sometimes. These 2 i have on my wordpress blog. Enjoy & let me know what you think.

    when i entered the room he was there. sitting on the sill behind the black steinway. he was wearing white t-shirt & jeans. he approached me as soon as i came into the room, smiling. i said everything’s ready for the show – the concept, the people & that rehersals are going well. he made sure if we speak of the same track. then he smiled again & said he couldnt wait to see it ‘from outside’. funny thing is, 7 months ago i was dying to be ‘inside’. Wink ……

    he sat beside the piano & started to play a melody. a melody i havent heard before. i asked what was is. well that was something new. there are a lot of new melodies, new lyrics. i had a glimpse on that….. he kept on playing the melody & asked me to try to sing it. you crazy? – i said – i cannot sing. – just sing it! listen to the melody i will repeat it… so i started to sing (the best way i can although i canT) & at the very same moment he started to sing it with me. good thing is that i heard his wonderful voice only, i was shy & i sang quietly. we did the refrain & brigde. he looked at me curiously when he stopped playing. -how do you like it? – well, this is… special words for love- i said – thanks god not crying-i added, i couldnt resist! i love the songs which gives hope (indeed, that was what he used to say, huh?) not lamentation after which my girlfriends has sad sad status updates at communicators.Wink) he got it i guess coz he burst out laughing. – i neither dont like to be sad -he said. he gave me a hug & kissed me in my hair. i felt so warm & special, you cant imagine! / xo


    he ran outside as soon he saw our car driving into the property. there was raining heavily but suddenly i saw him in green hoodie holding the hood with left hand covering his face from rain, perhaps from the visibility as well. he’s carefull although the gate was closing, besides nobody would expect him here or wherever. Wink i was okay, it’s just a broken wrist but he wanted to know as soon as possible. He was asking many questions – how did it happen, why didnt the choreographer watch me, did it hurt, which hospital we were in & why didnt we call paramedics. he’s crazy. it did hurt but i started to laugh. -it’s okay- i said – i wont die because of that. and i still can participate in rehersals. – no way! -he shouted but the calmed down at once. i bet he wanted to make a verbal comment about this ‘i wont die because of that’ thing but he just looked at me this way & took a deep breath. -i got scared- he said a moment later – he said you had an accident! ……

    for the rest of evening i was assuring him im okay when during cuddling i happened to hiss while squeezed too much or so. we were just lying on the couch, me with my head on his chest. he put his hands on my shoulders. i was reading his newest lyrics, discussing it with him, also playing with his nipple & he was giggling sometimes, kissing me in forehead, putting his fingers in my hair. i love such evenings.:*/ly (…) /xo

    - more to come.
    if this is not a good place for those, sorry. & put them somewhere else, dear admins. xo

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    Post  Angie777 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:23 pm

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